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Museo Taller (Workshop Museum) opened in 2016, on Root St, in the heart of the city of Santiago.  After three successful years there, the Museum moved premises to a large, restored house in the Heritage neighbourhood of Yungay, on 2784 Compañía St, where we exhibit and breathe life into the collection amassed by our Museum’s founder Francisco Dittborn Baeza.

There are more than 800 old tools on exhibition, recreating a carpentry workshop from the turn of the 20th Century, in a room which also houses old machinery that traces the evolution of technology. Each visit culminates in the building a wooden toy in a workshop equipped with modern tools. We also host digital workshops that explores current designs and the development of technological projects.

Since the beginning, the Museum has hosted an array of activities, from carpentry workshops for beginners and more advanced practitioners, training workshops for teachers, temporary exhibitions, capacity building workshops in other areas of craft-making, special gatherings for wood working aficionados, talks by experts, residencies for artists and artisans, to name a few.

La misión de Museo Taller es poner a disposición una colección de herramientas antiguas de carpintería que, en un espacio abierto y transversal, genere experiencias transformadoras asociadas a la creatividad, el ingenio, la valoración del patrimonio y los oficios.

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